Thursday, July 21, 2005

in the beginning

In the beginning...

There's a lot of power in those words... "In the Beginning."
We find them at the front of the Bible. And they bring with them an element of creation and excitement. Once something has been created, one would expect it to continue.
That's my hope here. I have made several attempts at this journalling thing (a collection of thoughts, reflections, dreams, ideas, etc) about my daily life. And this is the latest attempt.
But I have a couple of things that I'm going to put with it. First, I'm going to put it in my signature on the Ooze (a website full of friends). Second, I'm going to put it in my email signatures. My hope is that some would see it and hopefully help keep me accountable for posting.

We'll see what happens. This message might not only be the first, but the last... we'll have to see.

For now, it's a beginning...


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