Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, I'm home.

It was a long week. But a good week. I'm totally wiped out. I know that I need to go in the other room and unpack, but all I can think about is sitting here on the couch watching the Cubs and messing on the Internet. I will get in there eventually.

It was a good week. There were some significant conversations that happened. Conversations that needed to happen. Now, the real work begins. The week was good, but the students have to figure out how to put it into action and incorporate it in their every day, week in and week out, relationship with God. That began about 4 hours ago. Only time will tell as only time with allow the fruit to grow that God has planted and is growing through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

CIY Day 7... Travel Day...

This morning (Saturday) was the morning to load up and get off campus. We slept in a bit and then loaded up. Everyone grabbed a seat... And the trek to Woodland Lakes Christian Camp began.

It was a long... but fun day in the vans. Van "B" got into the hairstyling trade a little bit. Mari is the subject in this "style"... if you can call it style.

After getting to the camp, a game of 3 on 3 basketball broke out. Shortly after that, a game of Ultimate Frisbee broke out.

Laura made a few new friends among some of the Cicadas that are out here at Woodland Lakes. This one is crawling up her shirt.

Then we headed to Wendy's for dinner. There was much excitement. (I would tell you what is going on in this picture, but honestly, I don't know. Sorry.)

Clayton likes Wendy's (and looks creepy in this picture).

Finally, the night ended with the student matching up with some accountability partners. Following that, we decided to "fake throw" Ravynn in the lake here at camp.

Backstory: When we arrived, there was conversation among those in Ravynn's van about "someone" getting thrown into the lake. Of course, that would never happen. But they totally had her going and convinced her that the "someone" was her. We played it up for about 4 hours that she was "going in tonight." So I told all the kids that we would pretend to throw her in and at the count of three, we picked her up and carried her down to the lake, only to leave her dry and laughing the grass. It was the night before 16th birthday... we had to do something crazy to her.

It's been a great trip. Tonight, we're hanging out a bit... relaxing a bit... playing and having some fun together as a group. One of the saddest things about ending a trip like this is the knowledge that this specific group will never be together again. Two members of the group, Clayton and Jared, are graduated Seniors. We also have 3 freshmen in this group, Grace, Laura and Andrew. Who knows what will happen to this group... as we MOVE on from this moment in time into the future that only God holds.

I'm looking forward to seeing what that is.


Day 6... Pictures!!!

Caleb and his c

Danny lead morning Encounters this week. And did a great job!!!

Clayton jumped into some morning Encounter time. This was his spot just about all week... even towards the end of the week, he had to race Mari to this spot.

Boone had a good morning Encounter time as well.

So did Ravynn... This morning was a good morning to get some of these Encounter pictures.

Bekah found a good place by the pole.

Will, Boone, and Natalie had some time to put together a "Move" plan and then they talked them over with me... and this afternoon (Saturday), they talked them over with a friend.

It's been a long week. I will be glad to get home.

The "Raging Jimbo's" entered the dodgeball tournament. Here, Andrew is waiting to play and took a second for a picture with Jackie.

Here we are... the "Raging Jimbo's"... me, Andrew, Justin R., Boone, Will and Jared. But alas, we were out after our first game.

Andrew, Laura and Grace paused for a picture.

Clayton is surprised at how much fun he had and how much he learned... actually no... I just surprised him with the camera.

The final thing that we saw was this year's theme image...

At our final "Youth Group Time"... we celebrated Ravynn's birthday.

I'll have some pictures from Saturday's travel day... I should have them up shortly.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 6... Pictures tomorrow...

Hey all...
My apologies, again... Jackie got away and up the hill with the camera and memory card. So I don't have any pictures. But I will get some up tomorrow afternoon after we arrive at Woodlawn Lakes Christian Camp in Cincinnati.



Day 5.1... Thursday (some more!!)

Here are some more pictures from yesterday... sorry, if you just checked out HERE and didn't get very many... here are more.

Clayton looks comfortable while he's having morning Encounter Time.

Here we are in morning D-Group... Boone seems to have something to say...

I know that there aren't any students in this picture... I just thought the picture of Buffalo Mountain in the background was pretty. Those of you who have lived in Illinois all your lives... this is a mountain!!

Elisabeth is excited about something... probably Misaki's.

Andrew is definitely excited!!!

Here is Jared, Grace, Laura, Jenn, Andrew and half of Justin waiting for dinner to arrive.

Our chef dazzled us with some fire on the grill!!! Very exciting.

After Misaki's, we headed to the mall for some hanging out. Here, Natalie, Will and Amanda try on some sunglasses... Will ended up liking his enough to buy them.

Here's Will in his new sunglasses and his headband for tomorrow's DodgeBowl Tournament.

Grace and Laura pause for a picture.

Jared and Mari pose for a picture.

Will is excited during worship.

One of the highlights of the night was that Robyn Sigars brought the message. When he does, it's always incredible!!!

Well... there's some more pictures from Thursday. There will be pictures from Friday coming soon...

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 5... Thursday... Misaki's Day!!!

First off... let me apologize. I (Jim) forgot to get the memory card from the camera before coming to the room tonight. So, our assortment of pictures is fairly low. My apologies. But my wife has the camera and she is 10 minute walk away and it's midnight. So, I'll try to get some more up tomorrow... we'll do a Day 5.1 post.

Here is Jared getting a little more Encounter time!

Here is Justin R and Mari during this morning's D-Group time... we talked about boldness. They look bold, don't they? Let's hope so.

Today's highlight was Misaki's for lunch. It was a great meal... it always is. Mari even cleaned her plate!!!

One of the highlights of every trip to Misaki's is that they make a big fireball on the cooking surface after they are done. Here is the last little bit of one of the fireballs.

Tonight's "Youth Group" time went extremely well. The only snafu was that we had to have it inside... it was raining outside... Thankfully they opened up some classrooms. We had a great conversation and then played "Mafia" together.

More pictures tomorrow... I promise!!


Misaki's right now!!

We are at Misaki's right now... At 1 pm EDT!!! Waiting for a food...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 4... Wednesday... Gray shirt day!!!

Today was 'gray shirt' day. Not quite as dramatic was "green shirt day" last year (check it out HERE if you need to be reminded...)

Here, breakfast (or lunch... but I think breakfast) is being had by Natalie, Will, Natalie, and Amanda.

Here, Jared and Justin R get some quiet time in as the day gets started. For me, morning Encounter time is the best. To look out over a campus filled with students sitting quietly, reading their Bibles and morning devotions... sounds impossible, but really does happen every morning.

D-groups were great today. Here Brandon, a college student from Florida Christian College (in pink) leads through a lesson on the community of the church.

Meanwhile, the other group creates a "web" of prayers as each member prays for the person holding the other end of the string.

Another D-group picture... Discussion happening!!!

Andrew grabs a drink of water... taken during the Ultimate Frisbee game (HERE) this afternoon... I just liked this picture.

Here, Ravynn, Boone and Mari grab some dinner. It was an outdoor cookout (but eating indoors). Good stuff.

Worship tonight was incredible. The speaker was great. The music was great. Here, Clayton, Jared, Mari and Ravynn get into the worship.

Finally, a picture (taken by Amanda!!!) of the evening session.

It was a really great day. But I'm pretty tired now... now is when the sleepiness, tiredness and soreness begins to kick in. Prayer for us!!!

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