Thursday, August 11, 2005

better from above

Last night, Jackie and I drove up to Willow Creek Community Church to catch their mid-week worship service called "New Community." One of the main reasons that we wanted to do that is their teaching pastor Mike Braeux (sp?) was teaching. And even though I can't spell his last name, he's one of my favorite speakers.

On the trip up, which is a fairly simple trip, I came to an intersection that looked like the right intersection. We needed to make a right turn and so we did. Seemed right. Only later, would be realize it was wrong... about 2 miles later. What seemed right wasn't. No problem. We just turned around and headed back the road and continued for one more block and then made the right that we needed.

But as I reflected back on that simple mis-turn, I thought of a couple of things in relation to my relationship with God. First, its easy to make a simple mistake that gets you way off course. Second, the turn seemed like the right one, even though it was the wrong one. So, what seems right can be very wrong and despite the fact that it feels right, that doesn't change the fact that it isn't.

Third, from above, the turn that I made must have been so very and obviously wrong. God has a different vantage point on our lives. Jeremiah 29:11 teachs us that God has a plan for our lives... not a plan to harm us... but a plan to give us hope and future. God has a great view of our lives from above. Often, we think we've got the best view... we know where we're going... and exactly how to get there. But much like my driving last night, we think we know where we're going and how to get there and even though it seems right... it's not.

It was nice last night because I could pick up my cell phone and call a friend to ask for advice on where I should have turned and got right back on track. The same is true with God. God can help me get back on track... by prayer... by reading the Bible... by good friends who can give me Godly direction and advice.

Often, we won't seek the help.

Just a few getting lost thoughts...


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