Tuesday, November 15, 2005

getting older...

Today is my wife's birthday. And no, I won't tell you how old she is... she's still young enough to kick my butt. Althought that was never all that hard anyway since she holds the check book and hands out the allowances...
But it's got me thinking a little bit about getting older today. I'm just 28. Now to me, that seems pretty old and mature. And I realize that some of you who may read this may think that's not all that old or I never act mature, you may have a point.
But as I get older, something that I've always heard is proving true. I'm not as young as I used to be. I hate lock ins... They are just a waste of good sleep. But one of the things that I am enjoying as I get older is that my job just keeps getting better. Church leaders take me with a little more seriousness (I did say "little"). Parents see me differently (and most of the time in a good way). Althought I'm still the same jeans and T-shirt wearing, gotee sporting, tennis shoe wearing, youth pastor I've always been. There's just something about getting older that makes youth ministry better.
Several older youth ministers (those in their mid to late 40's who shall remain nameless least I get accused of name dropping by others on my church staff who are jealous... Steve...) have told me that the older I get the better it will get. And in a lot of respects it is...

Then this morning I pick up the last copy of Relevant Magazine and there's this article that's pretty good by Jason Boyett... Which is the reason for this blog entry... (To check out more about Relevant... go here: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/index.php)
He lists 9 things that you should know before you hit 30. I thought I'd throw them in here... I haven't mastered any of them yet... but maybe I'm on my way to getting them down before the big 3 0.
1. Life is so not about you.
2. Credit cards are dangerous. (Man, did I learn that!)
3. Stuff will never satisfy.
4. Save now while you're young.
5. You probably should read more.
6. Pay attention to what you eat. (Don't do good at that one at all... especially with chinese day being today.)
7. Stop comparing yourself to others.
8. Get used to saying "no."
9. Maintain close relationships.

I think Jason's got some good things there in that list. And going with my thoughts for the day about getting older... I guess I still have some work to do.


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