Friday, May 12, 2006

Semester is over!

Man do I need to post a little more often. I looked this week and the last time that I posted was at the end of February. I should post a little more often.

But this morning, this is a post with a purpose! My first semester of Masters of Divinity (Old Testament) work is complete at Lincoln! And I'm pretty sure that I got A's in both classes that I took!!!! I don' t think that I've ever had a semester when I got all A's. Granted I only took two classes... but still... A's are A's.




  1. What's your next semester look like?

    On this end, I'm (foolishly) going to try to add Old English and Latin to my Hebrew and Greek! :)

  2. Hey man...

    I'll have Hebrew and Early Christian Centuries (church history from Acts through the fall of the Roman empire). Should be interesting... I'm kinda excited about the church history class.