Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Admit it - You have limitations

This post is part of a youth ministry product called "Youth Leader Training on the Go" by Doug Fields. This part is quoted from a piece entitled "Admit It - Yu have Limitations." You could purchase this here.

"Many people go through life trying to be self-sufficient (what I was doing when I sat down to write this). They love the thought of doing anything they "set their minds to" and don't really think they need anyone's help. If that describes you, can I gently point out that you are missing the point of God's design for the body of Christ? God never intended for you to live life in isolation and do everything by yourself.
"It took me a long time, but I finally accepted the fact that I am "better together" when my strengths and weaknesses are mixed with othes who have gifts and skills that make me more effective. I want to be become the type of person who has enough humility and wisdom to ask others to compensate for my limitations. What about you?"

That is something that is true for me. It took me a while, but I finally came around to where Doug is talking about... understanding that the student ministry will be better if others are involved, doing the ministering, taking the credit and glorifying God. It took me a while because I was like many rookie youth workers are under the false impression that the church hired me to be the cool, fun, hip and best guy to hang out with that the church had on staff... at least for students.
But it took me a while to realize that health is more about students getting connected with a caring adult who has the ability to minister directly into their life.

The reality is... I want to know and work with each student in our ministry. But it just isn't possible. What needs to happen is for there to be 15 or 20 folks who care about students and are willing to minister to students like I am.

That's where I'm blessed. I've got an incredible group of volunteers who are working hard with students... loving on them... speaking God's truth into their lives... and carrying on the work of a student minister (without the pay).

We're better together!


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