Sunday, March 15, 2009

Something very cool...

I was pretty stoked about a little something that happened this morning with our middle school church.

I was teaching. And we are teaching through a series called "Closer." This morning we were talking about hearing God's voice in the midst of the noise of our world and we were talking about different voices that have/should have an impact in our lives. In the midst of this discussion, I said what I usually say when we talk about the importance of the Bible and Bible reading... namely that "if you don't have a Bible, I'll put one in your hands today before you leave."

After the service was completed... two students came up and requested Bibles!!! For one of these students, this was the first time she's walked through the doors of FVCC!!! I was a little blown away!!! Hopefully I'll have a chance to give away a couple more Bibles tonight as I'm getting ready for high school church. But that just blew me away a bit!!!

Thought I'd share!


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