Saturday, June 05, 2010


... I am honored to be performing the wedding ceremony for two students that were in my youth ministry in Pennsylvania. Sarah and Justin are a great couple and I'm really looking forward to performing the ceremony.

Justin has been working with me for the past two years at Fox Valley as a worship ministry intern working with our students and did a phenomenal job! When we asked me if I would perform the ceremony this weekend, I was honored.

I truly am honored.

It's an amazing thing in youth ministry to have enough longevity in ministry to get to this point with students that we've worked with. I've known Justin since he was in fifth or sixth grade. (I could tell stories and show pictures that would totally embarrass him... but I won't... or at least I'll try to refrain...) I haven't known Sarah that long... but I've known her since she was in middle school. And now, to stand under the tree at Stainbrook Park where they are getting married and perform the ceremony after 10 or 11 years of relationship will be awesome.

It is truly one of those small miracles in youth ministry that make the marathon of youth ministry worthwhile. I don't do many weddings... by choice... so when I do them, it is often because they are special.

Justin and Sarah are truly special.

Congratulations to the happy couple. May your life together be filled with joy and richness!


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