Monday, July 12, 2010

MS Summer in the Son - Sunday

We have arrived.

The ride down was long and hot, but we made it. (Thanks to Tom... our excellent driver's skill!!!).

Alex enjoyed the ride. At least some of it.

Emily and Hunter enjoyed it more after we stopped at McDonalds... they picked up Frapps...

But we arrived... all of us (Ian, on the right, was the last to join us). And the night got kicked off well.

Hunter, and Vilma's thumbs, approve of the worship!!! It was a great night kicked off by the Aaron Pelsue band and some great speaking by Danny!

Hunter, Paige, Vilma and Emily are all smiles after the first night!!!

But now... I think it's time for bed. The first full day of Middle School Summer in the Son awaits tomorrow!!!


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