Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Quick Running Tip Tuesday - Get Back In The Saddle

We all have one every now and again...
It keeps up without warning...
Boom... it's there!

A bad run!

One crept up on me this week.  In my training, I've been alternating between Yasso 800's, Hill Sprints and Tempo runs on Tuesdays for some variety.  This week, Yasso's were up.  I didn't have time on Tuesday to run up to the high school where I usually do my Yasso's on the track where I coach... so I bumped them to Wednesday and decided to hit the local walking track instead. 

The session started out well.  I was set for 7 cycles of 800 runs in a 4 minute time frame with 400 jogs between.  The first one was normal... the next two were amazing, about 20 seconds faster than normal.  I was excited about the possibility of the remaining four. 

Then it hit me... a brutal side cramp came out of nowhere.  You know the kind where you can barely move.  I tried stretching... I tried breathing... I tried running it out... Nothing worked.  With that cramp hanging around, I couldn't get back up to speed.  The incredible start to my Yasso's was wasted.  I limped home defeated. 

How do you handle a bad run?

You get back out there the next day!  You get back in the saddle, so to speak! The next morning, I got up as I usually do and went out and did a 10 miler! Back in the saddle!

When you have a bad run, focus on the good that you accomplished.  There is always a little good.  Maybe the only good is that you ran while others didn't.  Then get back out there the next day and do it again.  Sitting on the couch... licking your wounds... isn't going to help. 

Get back in the saddle!
Get out there!

See you out there!

Disclaimer (if you're into that sort of thing): Jim is not a professional runner nor is this blog endorsed by any company.  These thoughts are merely the thoughts and experiences on one runner.  What works and what doesn't work from a practical level.  Jim hasn't set any records, but he's run a few races (Marathon: 4h 22m / Half-Marathon: 2h 3m / 5k: 22m 57s) and he's been around the block!

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