Monday, December 03, 2012

And the winner is... Michelle Savage!

Last week, I posted a blog post (original post here) about my plans to run the Blue Ridge Marathon in April 2013 in Roanoke, VA.  I also posted how you could get in on the action at Blue Ridge for free.  Many did... and for me, I wanted them all to win.  Unfortunately, there could be only one winner.

After a drawing, the winner is Michelle Savage from Cincinnati, Ohio (you can follow her on Twitter here).  

I thought it would be fun to Twinterview (like an interview over Twitter... nevermind) her and she agreed.  So... that will give you a bit of a chance to meet another great runner.


Question 1: Tell us a little about yourself?
Answer 1: I'm a wife, mother to a little boy and avid runner :). My next feat will be to complete an ultra marathon! 

Question 2: How long have you been running? When did you start and why?
Answer 2: I've been running since 2007. I got sick of staring at the inside of the gym. So I went outside and started to run.

Question 3: What do you enjoy most about running?
Answer 3: I love that it's just me & the pavement. Nobody judging me, competing against me. Just me. Time to think, create, plan, dream.

Question 4: Random/Non-Running Question: What is you favorite Christmas movie and why?
Answer 4: The Grinch, because so many times I think the Spirit of Christmas is lost in lines & gift wrap.

Question 5: What has been your favorite marathon or half-marathon experience and why?
Answer 5: The Columbus Marathon this past October.  It was my 1st full and a great experience. I was so humbled and grateful for being able to run.

Question 6: Why do you want to run the Blue Ridge Marathon?
Answer 6: (took 2 tweets...) I was challenged by a friend and I love new opportunities to see myself grow as a runner. It will be a challenge but what better way to grow and have wonderful experiences along the way. Prove to yourself what you are made of! :) 

Great thoughts Michelle! Thanks for sharing and congratulations! 

As I said before, you can keep up with Michelle's training on her Twitter feed (HERE).  

If you entered... but didn't win... the free registration to the Blue Ridge Marathon, you can still register for the Blue Ridge Marathon (HERE).  Additionally, there are others who are running the Blue Ridge Marathon who will be offering free registrations.  As I see them posted on Twitter, I will retweet them on my feed... so keep following me.  You can also follow the hashtag #runBlueRidge for tweets from anyone running Blue Ridge! 

Keep running friends!

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