Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Day Getaway

Last month, my wife and I celebrated out 10th wedding anniversary.  In the months leading up to the big day, several folks had asked us, "What are you doing for the big day?"  In the midst of graduation parties, weigh-ins and keeping up with Myles and mowing grass, we really hadn't had time to think or plan anything specific.

A couple of weeks before our anniversary, we scheduled a 1-day getaway... our first since Myles arrived in late January.  Jackie had picked up, some time ago, a flier for a small bed & breakfast in a town that I had to use Google maps to find.  But they gave pastors a discount... sounded good to us (It's an awesome little bed & breakfast called the Mill House if you are interested... I would totally recommend.  Ron and Kathy are amazing and we hope to go back in the future.).  

It was a great 30 hours... we talked... went out for dinner... went for a run together (something we haven't done in almost a year)... walked... explored little antique shops.  It was great.  Relationally, we got a chance to reconnect.  But also going into a busy season of CIY trips, a Senior Trip, another CIY (Mix this time) trip and other trips, it felt good to rest and relax.


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