Wednesday, December 31, 2014

See ya 2014...

2014 hasn't been my favorite year.

In fact, if I were pressed to make a decision, I would say that it has been my hardest year.  That isn't to say that it hasn't had its moments.

(I thoroughly enjoyed speaking a couple of weeks of camp... haven't done that in a while but would like to do more often.  Myles has been so much fun this year... he is learning and growing so much and I've had a lot of extra time with him.  I learned a lot about myself this year... what I can handle...)  

But, the past is the past and that's a story best left for a cup of coffee.

2014 did end well, however.  I was (semi) surprised by a going away party Monday night.  (I had some suspicions... but wasn't 100% until about an hour beforehand.)  It was a great evening.  I took the above picture about 2/3 of the way through the party after a few folks had left.  It was a great opportunity to get together with some great folks and students and laugh, hang out and tell stories.

Rarely in ministry do you get a chance to sit in a room full of the "fruit" of ministry.  That was what Monday night was for me.  The room was filled with friends.  Students who were/are leaders in the youth ministry.  Students who were leaders and have graduated and are doing amazing leading in college.  Volunteer leaders who are committed to reaching the next generation of students for Jesus.  Folks who have supported and encouraged our ministry.  It was a blast.

I felt honored.

I felt honored because my wife put it together for me (it was way outside of her comfort zone to do that).  But I also felt honored because those who were there were there because they wanted to spend time with us before the next chapter of our ministry journey unfolds (Saturday).

It was a great night.

So tonight... for me... I will be the happiest person at 12:01 am on 1/1/15.  It will be so-long to a less-than enjoyable year.  And hello to a new bright New Year.  I can't wait to see what is just around the bend!


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