Friday, September 29, 2006

Great Gathering

What an incredible time of connecting at Saddleback in sunny southern California!!! Kay Warren spoke today and had an incredible heart-felt connection. Yesterday Greg Stier (Dare2share- spoke and shared an incredible new student ministry idea for evangelism...

With all that aside... the best part of the whole week was seeing some old faces (not that they are really any older than me... but you know what I mean...) and getting re-connected with them and their lives. Judy Gregory (from Granger) flew on the same flights... talked about volunteers...what we were reading... ect... Reconnecting with Joby... Ben Taylor... Ben Mc... Chris Reed... JG... Fields and others... It's looking these guys (whom I'm known... served with... been encouraged by) in the eyes and finding out what's going on in their lives and in their ministries.

One example: Chris Reed has this way of asking me questions that I don't have ready answers for. Like today on the way back to the airport, he asked me, "Do you and your wife do romantic weekend retreats?" That's a hard question when you aren't doing it and should be. But I need someone to ask me those questions... So, thanks Chris.

What an incredible time of connecting with those who are doing it and are going to be doing it for a while!!! Thanks Neely... Thanks Josh... and Thanks Fields...

Next stop... Chicago: 2:52 am. (UGH!)

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