Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the zoo that was last night

Man, I think I have a pretty good idea of what it must have been like to Noah. On that ark with all those different animals, some of which were never met to be put into the same small space for extended periods of time...

Last night's Small groups was kinda like that... not in any way that they are (or were) animals... that's not the illustration. But it was wild and out of control. We've got 9 guys connected in "a" small group on Tuesday nights. That's not a small group... that's a youth group... Half of the group of guys are middle schoolers... The other half of the group are senior highers...

I need two adult leaders!!! Like yesterday!

I just thought I throw these thought out there... I just needed to vent.

The upside of the whole deal is... we've got 9 guys on Tuesday nights!!! That's more guys than we had all of last year, and that's just one night. So, the small groups are growing and taking off... if I could just find caring adult guys who love God and like students to connect with them, this would be awesome. Please God... provide...


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  1. If I were there in Illinois, Slim, I'd warp half of 'em for ya!