Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blog Correction... Test Update!!!

Hey Faithful Readers,
This is a correction to an earlier blog where it was reported that "going the distance" belonged to Beck. It does not. It actually belongs to Cake. My apologies!!

As an update for finals... at the point, my church history final is over. It is 11:19 am Central Standard Time and I am done with my church history final. Actually according to Dr. Rea, I received an "A" on my final an "A-" in the class because of the "B" on my bibliography.
All my stressing... worrying... pacing... and cramming is now over for Church History.

I still have a couple of quizzes in Hebrew. But soon and very soon... this semester will be in the books!!!

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  1. My Old English final (3 1/2 hours) is over, and I'm printing what I hope will be my penultimate draft for my Spenser paper. I just ran out of room--20 pages is not enough space to treat all the questions I wanted to treat, so I cut 'er off.

    Now just my last minute grading remains, and I ought to be done by Friday. Woo hoo!

    BTW, we're going to be in Indy from Thursday, December 21 through Tuesday morning, December 26. Not a lot of time, I realize, but if you and Jackie want to make a trek to some I-65 town to see us and Micah, let us know, eh?