Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Nativity was worth it!

If you are considering going to see the Nativity: Do it! It was a great movie. I went and saw it with 30 of my closest friends yesterday (our students and leaders) as part of our Christmas party. I thought it was a great movie and did a great job of really describing what Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Zachariah and their families must have been feeling as John the Baptist and Christ Jesus were born into this world.

The only negative that I saw was that they did the typical three wise men (we actually have no idea how many were three... although Catholic tradition gives us the number three) who arrived at the Bethlehem (according to Matthew 2, the Magi came to a "house" not a "stable" as in Luke 2). But the makers of the movie may not have been attempting to writing theology so much as just sharing the story.

Overall... two thumbs up. Check it out if you haven't...

Next on my movies to watch list... Rocky!!


1 comment:

  1. Angel: "What are you Magi doing here?"

    Wise Man 1: "This is the gospel of Matthew, right?"

    Joseph: "No, wrong gospel. Matthew's two over. This is Luke."

    Wise Man 1: "Right. Sorry, then. We'll just be on our way, then."

    Shepherd 1: "Bloody Parthians..."