Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fall Running

I love fall running.

Today reminded me of that. This morning was cool (about 65 when I left the house) without a trace of that oppressive summer humidity. It was a great run!!! There was a breeze!! Awesome!

I love the crispness of the air. I love the leaves scattered on the running trail. I love the cooler temps to move my big body through... although this week I have had several 230's weigh ins... like 239 today... 237.5, 238, etc... can't remember the last time I was in the 230's weight-wise.

But I love fall running.

Today was a great 7-mile run leading up to the Akron 1/2 marathon (Sept 25). It's amazing to me what I have been able to train my body to do. Today's 7 mile run really didn't push me too much. Monday, I ran 10 miles... first time ever in double digits.

By the way... if you would like to receive text message updates about my race in Akron... You can sign up HERE. I have no idea how quickly they will come... but if you want to follow along, feel free to sign up.

So as I head into the last couple of weeks of intense training, I'm loving the early onset of fall!!!

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