Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beware of where you get your directions...

Thanks Gizmodo for the picture...
There is a sermon illustration here I think. 

"An elderly British couple is recovering today after a faulty GPS system led them to crash into a 19th-century German church, causing $37,00 worth of damage. The couple, who cannot be named under German data protection laws, were traveling Friday from Austria to France guided by their GPS system. The 76-year-old husband, who was driving, followed instructions to "turn right" but ended up hitting the chapel near Freundpolz, Bavaria."

But I read THIS today and it cracked me up.  Partially because many people get their information from unreliable sources and rather than question it, they take it without consideration.  A lot of folks in our world live this way... they watch the news or read the paper and accept it without a thought... they listen to their friends share about something they heard... they read it on the Internet...  someone emails it to them in a forward (gosh, I hate those...)... or something of the sort. 

Where do we as Christians find direction? 
God's Word (of course...)

Have you had some time in His Word today??


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