Monday, January 03, 2011

Free RunKeeper Pro??? Through January...

I like free stuff.

About six months ago, I switched my running applications on my iPhone 3GS from Nike+ (that was punking out on my runs and losing mileage... especially during my 1/2 marathon... unacceptable!!!) to RunKeeper.  And I love it.  I've logged 374 miles so far with RunKeeper!

In helping folks get started with their New Year's Resolutions... and you know I have a couple of them (Check them out HERE)... they are giving away their iPhone (and Droid if you have that phone) apps for FREE!!! (Check it out in the iTunes store HERE!) It's a $9.99 app... for free!!

And it's great!!

They are offering their free download through the month of January.  So get it on it... and tell your friends... (They didn't pay me for my endorsement... but I'd be happy to accept any payments... I just like this app!)

Once you downloaded it, add me to your street team.  HERE'S me on RunKeeper!  Let's run together! 


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