Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#11512 in your program... #1 in your heart!

The Pig is looming closer... less than 4 days away...

Earlier this week, I discovered what my bib number is: 11512.  I have a buddy that tries to find meaning in all of his bib numbers.  I don't think so... but I'm always open to it. So I'm number 11512 on the course... but of course, #1 in your heart!

I thought I'd share that with you in case you wanted to follow along with me virtually on Sunday.  If you are interested, you can sign up for tracking updates HERE.  I have no idea how up-to-date these will be... the ones from Akron last fall were pretty quick as in I was getting texts from Illinois friends by the time I had my medal... but you're welcome to follow along virtually (realizing that the race starts at 6:30 am eastern... good luck California friends following at 4 am) if you want. 

All in all... I'm feeling ready. 

I'm going to Columbus tomorrow night and buy a Garmin 210 Forerunner watch.  That will be pretty exciting.  I'll give a little review after I've taken it for a spin.  That's in part a necessary purchase for the next step of my training.  But it's also a little treat for all the hard work that I've put in this spring so far.

I have one more run left... a 5 miler on Friday.  Tapering is really hard.  My body says, "Let's go for a run... we're ready!"  But I have to keep saying, "No!  Save it for Sunday!"  In part, I think it's that I've been averaging almost 2 1/2 miles a day and so far this week (it's Wednesday) I've only run 2 miles but I think that it's also excitement over the race.  Once I get to Cincy on Saturday, some of that excitement will have a release in the exhibit halls and around town with other runners. 

But I'm ready. 
I've done what I can do. 
Now I just want to go out and leave it on the streets of Cincinnati! 

Again... feel free to follow along virtually since many of you won't be on the streets of Cincy with me by going HERE and entering my name. 

Should be great! Bring on the Pig!


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