Friday, April 01, 2011

First Quarter Running Review

I felt like garbage on my run last night

Over all, my time and distance weren't bad.  What was bad was how I felt inside.  After a couple of days of fast food (sadly... three back to back to back meals (dinner... lunch... dinner)) left me feeling lethargic.  Top that off with a couple of days of birthday celebrating with cake, cupcakes and more cake... I was not feeling at the peak of healthy eating. 

And I felt it on my run.  I was cramping.  I was feeling sluggish.  I felt like I was dragging bags of sand behind me. 


The first quarter of 2011 has been good to my running.  I received a little notification last night from Runkeeper that encouraged me.  March was my highest running output for the year! With last night's sluggish 4.4 mile run, it bumped my output up to 18.4% over February!  That was encouraging.  I don't have my numbers in front of me, but working from memory I'm averaging about 2.2 miles a day... even on days when I don't run. That's pretty sweet!

Additionally, I don't really do a "Season of Lent Fast" simply for Lent's sake.  I did however begin one for the Flying Pig just after Lent began.  I gave up drinking soda through my race.  It's only H2O, coffee, tea, milk, Gatorade and fruit drinks for me.  I'm feeling pretty good about this.  I think that it's helping my overall hydration levels.  I don't feel that I "run out of gas" so early in my run... because I'm better hydrated.  On that same note, I'm powering through a couple of 32oz water bottles every day. 

With merely a month to go in my Flying Pig training (this week is my last recovery week before I push through the last cycle and into tapering), my training is going well.  Last night's run... although discouraging in how I felt... provided me some much needed encouragement in terms of the numbers.  Thankfully in a week or two I will have forgotten about that terrible run... but I will still have the accomplishment of setting March's numbers high. 

Keep running friends!

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