Saturday, August 20, 2011

Medal for the Air Force Marathon - Race Ready?

I'm almost ready for that big one in the middle.

This week is the last reduced mileage week before my final 20 miler (next Saturday).  After that, I'll start down the two week taper route toward the race on the 17th. 

Am I ready?  I don't know. 
One day I think, "Yes." 
The next, I think "I don't know." 

I've done one 20 mile run.  Most people who have trained and succeeded at a full marathon say that if you can do 20... you can do 26.2.  I'd love to be run a 25 mile run before the race, but I'm not going to have time.  I'll have to trust my training... which was been great so far... and those who have gone before me and succeeded with having run only 20 miles. 

On almost every single run... I think about that medal... I think about crossing that finish line... I think about having a General put that medal around my neck!  It gives me chills.


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  1. Jim,

    If you feel ambitious do 22 before your first marathon, but that last 10K is really a lot of mental. Good luck on the run and remember the hard part is training, the easy part comes on the day of the race. God Bless.