Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lock-In Craziness!!

We all get a little goofy at 2 am. 

If you aren't a North Terracer, this is one of my friends Ray.  Ray was one of my Lock-In Warriors (meaning he stayed up all night at the lock-in with the students) at Tuesday night's lock-in.  Another volunteer, Lora, captured this little gem about 2 am or so. 

As I looked through the pictures, which were great, this one caught my eye. 

Why? You ask...

Because you've gotta be a little goofy and a lotta crazy to stay up all night with 85 middle and high school students... play laser tag with them at 4 am... play video games with them all night... eat pizza all night... and hang out. 

I'm grateful for goofy, fun-loving adults who love to hang out with students.

Thanks to a great group of volunteers who stayed all night:
  • Matt A.
  • Katie G.
  • Megan G.
  • Lacey H.
  • Lora H.  
  • Ray H.
  • Cory H.
  • Megan M.
  • Rachel M.
  • Tim and Lisa N.
  • Todd R.
And thanks to a great group of volunteers... who didn't stay up all night... but came at the beginning to help us get started or came at the end to help us wrap up:
  • Missy F.
  • John F.
  • Andy K.
  • Terril P.
  • Christi R.
  • Scott and Erin W.
You guys rock!  (Even if you are a little goofy...)


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