Saturday, December 03, 2011

Zaney Reindeer 5k - New Personal Record

The past 10 or so weeks of speed workouts at the track... the tempo runs... the fast runs...

Paid off!
Folks: We have a new personal record in the house!  And I finally broke the 23 minute barrier. 

Today I ran the Zaney Reindeer 5k at the Vista View Golf Club near Zanesville with my wife and about 50 others.  I did well.  I felt strong. 

Also... I was near the front all race.  I finished 7th overall and could see the leaders for most of the race (just couldn't catch them)!

So, the data on the left side of the blog about Personal Records has now been updated! 

Now: Winter maintenance mode... slower, time specific easy runs... no more training until about mid-February. 

I'm ready for a break from training.  Just gonna run to run. 

Also, I've been doing the Runner's World Run Streak challenge.  Runners were challenged to run everyday between Thanksgiving and New Years.  I found out about it a bit late... so I'm 4 days behind.  But so far, I have 6 days of running in a row.  We'll see how that goes!


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