Monday, February 20, 2012

a light at the end of the injury tunnel...

I'm encouraged tonight that the light at the end of this injury tunnel is not an oncoming train...

On Sunday, I had an unofficial consultation with an ortho doctor (& running) friend of mine.  He believes what I have done to myself is Quadriceps Tendonitis (or QT).  Basically I've inflamed the tendon that connects my quads to my knee on my left leg.

Last Tuesday was a sad day (the day the runstreak died).  Tonight, I'm feeling encouraged.  I hit the gym a little bit this morning.  Spent some time on the stationary bike (which hurt a little... not as bad as running) and some time on the elliptical (which felt pretty good considering).  And tonight... I'm feeling really good.  I'm not run-ready yet... and won't likely be for another 5-7 (maybe more) days. 

But I'm hoping that I'm heading in the right direction: the direction of healing and getting back to a regular running routine.


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