Friday, March 02, 2012

Busted Dreams, Quads, Frustration and the Cap City Half Marathon

One word:  Frustration!

About 4 weeks ago (Feb 4... and yeah, I'm counting the days), at some point during my 7 mile run that Saturday, I injured my quadriceps tendon.  It may be quadriceps tendonitis (inflammation or irritation of the quad tendon). This has been a very, very frustrating injury.  Just about the time that I think I'm ready to power up, it flares up. 

I've been hitting the gym... working on my core... doing some cross training... But I'm very, very frustrated.  I'm chomping at the bit to get back on the road.  Especially with the Cap City Half Marathon looming in the future (May 5)... less than 63 days away. 

With everyday, my confidence in my endurance is waning.  On one hand, I think "I'm a marathon runner who is used to running 35-50 miles a week and I'm coming off a 79 day run streak... I'm not losing that much..."  Then, about 2 minutes later I think "I haven't had a serious run in over 2 weeks... 14 days... I'm never going to make it." 

Unfortunately, at this point, it doesn't look like one of my primary goals for the Cap City Half is going to happen.  I don't think, short of a couple of miracles (instant healing of my quad tendon and 63 days of totally amazing, hardcore training without concern for the tendon), that I'll be able to smash the 2 hour mark like I had planned. 

Which is: Disappointing...

And only adds to my frustration.

I had hoped to power back up this week with a couple of runs.  Tuesday, I felt pretty good and actually enjoyed a 1.3 mile run at a decent pace.  Yesterday, I had hoped to get in another similar run (1.3 miles) but it was a total bust after about .25 miles with some quad tendon soreness... so I shut it down. 

I'm hoping that another week will get it healed up... that or a miracle... at this point, I'll take either (or both)!

Keep running friends (like I wish I was)...

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  1. IT's funny how I feel that I know you because of following your running journey over the past year or two.

    I'm three weeks into a fresh approach on getting into shape and staying there that's completely different from any way I've ever approached it before. "Getting in shape" isn't a big enough motivator for me. Being able to compete (aka "finish" for this year) in an event that excites me, hiking and camping in the grand canyon next year, and being able to participate with my kids in whatever activities wind up drawing them in... THAT motivates me.

    Keep it up, Jim.