Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick Running Tip Tuesday - Runner's World Magazine (4.10.12)

Everyone needs encouragement from time to time. 

Especially runners!

One of the great things that I have noticed about the running community is the amount of support that runners provide for each other.  A couple of examples will suffice.  First, I participate regularly in an informal online chat called Runchat (and if you watch the scrolling picture thing, I'm on the 6th page... ha!).  If you have a twitter account and like to run, you can search Twitter for #runchat and join in the conversation.  Runners talk about running... how they are doing... how they are struggling... and encourage each other.  Secondly, Daily Mile (which I have blogged about before) is a great place to connect with others, see other's progress as they train and provide encouragement. 

Another place to find some great encouragement, tips, tricks and other running information is a monthly magazine called "Runner's World."  If you are into running... then you need to be into Runner's World. 

Each edition is packed with lots of great information about training... diet... stretching... and encouraging stories about running.  I'm usually behind a month or two in reading mine... because there is so much good stuff.  There are tips on dieting... upcoming races/marathons... and more.

Seriously! If you are running... you NEED a subscription to this magazine. 
Additionally, their online information is great as well (which you have access to if you are a subscriber). 

For $20 a year (usually they throw in a couple of freebies... i.e.: running log, e-books, etc), it's well worth the investment.  If you don't believe me, head over to your local library and read the latest edition.  I think you'll see what I mean!

Keep running friends!

Disclaimer (if you're into that sort of thing): Jim is not a professional runner nor is this blog endorsed by any company.  These thoughts are merely the thoughts and experiences on one runner.  What works and what doesn't work from a practical level.  Jim hasn't set any records, but he's run a few races (Marathon: 4h 22m / Half-Marathon: 2h 3m / 5k: 22m 57s) and he's been around the block!

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  1. Thanks for the #runchat shout-out, although technically it is "formal" with our twice-a-month schedule. We greatly appreciate your support!