Friday, May 11, 2012

Chicago Shoes - 825 miles for 26.2

"Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere..." so said Forrest Gump about his special shoes.

These shoes here are my Chicago shoes.  They are going to take me to Chicago marathon.

Looking over my Chicago training plan, which begins officially in 10 days, I will cover about 825 miles on these shoes.  The pair on the left, currently called #1's, have about 140 miles on them.  The pair in the middle, #2, have 2 miles on them... just activated last night.  The pair on the far right, #3, don't have any miles yet.

It dawned on me tonight as I begin to break in a new pair of #2s, that one of these pairs will cross the finish line in Chicago.  

I've got a lot of miles to spend with these guys.  I hope they look as good in a couple of months as they do now! By the way, they are Nike+ Pegasus 27's (on the left) and the two pairs on the right are Nike Pegasus 28's

Keep running friends!


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