Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Amish show the Christian community true forgiveness

Last night, I sat and watched the news as I always do.

But I was struck by the story about the PA gunman who entered an Amish School and killed 5 before killing himself. The feature of the story was that the Amish people are forgiving this man of what he's done and even invited his widow to the funeral services.

Here's the last paragraph from the usually avoided CNN:
"I don't think there's anybody here that wants to do anything but forgive and not only reach out to those who have suffered a loss in that way but to reach out to the family of the man who committed these acts," he told CNN.

Here's a link to this story:

As I thought about this: "If my daughter had been killed in that school, would I have been so quick to forgive? Or would my reaction be more vengeful?" My guess is that it would be more violent and less forgiving...

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