Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Retreat wrap-up

We had a really great Fall Retreat over the weekend. It was a great time of worship, teaching, relationship building, serving (we helped the camp stack and store firewood for the winter), and having fun together (we played, among other things, capture the flag in the large field at 10:30 pm with only a campfire to guide the play).

I was blessed with an incredible group of weekend warriors (Todd, Justin, Jennifer, and Julie) who hung with the students, had conversations with them and made the weekend possible.

The worship was incredible!!! Justin and "Yet To Be Named" (our student worship band of Justin, Will, Amanda, Alec and Nico) did an incredible job. There was jumping, clapping, singing and wanting more.

Overall the weekend was a huge success. I appreciate all those who made a great weekend a great weekend!!! But I have to admit... it totally wiped me out... It's Wednesday and I'm still recovering. But it was a very fun weekend!


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