Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Progressive Dinners

We had a blast last night at the Student Ministry Christmas Progressive Dinners!!!!

Thanks to:
  • Steve and Julie Galloway (hosting the middle school stop #1)
  • Scott and Karla Findley (hosting the middle school stop #2)
  • Gary and Deb Dyrek (hosting the middle school stop #3 and presents)
  • Rick and Bonnie Cerezo (hosting the high school stop #1)
  • Tracy Paprocki (hosting the high school stop #3 and presents)
  • Todd and Paula Alford (for taking the middle school students around on their stops!!! You guys are awesome!!!)
If you've never done a Progressive Dinner, it's pretty simple. You start out in one location and then travel around to various locations, eating a different portion of the meal as you go. For instance, last night stop #1 was an appetizer, stop #2 was the main course and stop #3 was dessert and present opening. Then at the last stop we do a $7-$10 gift exchange.

We had a blast!!! (The picture above is from the high school stop #3 and present opening house!) From the reports that I heard from the middle school crew was that they had a blast as well.

The notable high school gifts (that were fought over... we do a "cut-throat" stealing type Christmas present exchange...) were the Snuggie, a couple of iPod speaker systems, a big bag of Sour Patch Kids/Target gift card, a Starbucks gift card and an iTunes gift card (that I ended up with... although I really wanted the Snuggie!!!).

But bottom line... everyone had fun!!! And shared some Christmas spirit!!!

Thanks to those who helped out!!! Couldn't do it without you!!


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