Saturday, December 05, 2009

Diet update... and a couple of goals...

Several things have happened lately in my diet world.

First... I jumped in on a 12 week diet contest with Simply Youth Ministry. Doug Fields, Josh Griffin and Matt McGill challenged each other and opened it up to others. So, since I am already dieting, I thought I'd jump in too. There are prizes and sweetness for winning and my thought is that I'm already doing it. So why not be rewarded (possibly) for doing what I'm already doing. (This photo is my official weigh in photo.)

Second, Jackie gave me a challenge on Wednesday. She bought me a sweet Spyder coat and matching ski pants back in August for Christmas (which I am eagerly waiting for!!!). I was joking with her the other day about buying me an Underarmor Coat too. She said... "If you can lose 50 more pounds and get to 199, I'll buy you any coat you want..." I said... "You're on!!!" My goal is to get to 199 anyway. And I'm planning to be there before October 17, 2010 (when I run the Columbus, Ohio 1/2 marathon).

So... there's a couple of diet updates...
And by the way... I weighed in this morning at 247.5!!!!! That's 30.5 pounds since the first of August and 4 pounds down from yesterday. It's also only 1 pound from my lightest weight since college 10 years ago. My lightest college weight was 240 and I'll be there soon!


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