Friday, February 19, 2010

Running and diet update

It's been a while since I've updated everyone on my progress... and since today was a good day, I'll share.

The past couple of weeks have been a struggle. Just when I was starting to hit some respectable distances (5+ miles), I picked up my first (of many I'm sure) injury. I developed a pretty minor one... but irritating one... for my first. I've got some Achilles tendon "irritation."

My Achilles doesn't "hurt." It just feels irritating and irritated. It is more of an issue in the mornings and after running. There has been a little bit of swelling... which I've been fighting with time off (10 days), lower mileage (back down to like 2 and 3 miles), ice (almost every night) and Advil (3 times a day). And today, I pulled a great 3 mile run and didn't feel any Achilles irritation until I was past the 2 mile mark. (Which is better than when I started back... first time, felt it immediately... second, felt it about 1 1/2 miles in... so better).

But today, despite my nagging little issue, I put down a good run. I ran 3.13 miles at a 9m 55s pace. That was good because I was watching the time and trying to get 3 miles in under 30 minutes. So I was pleased. And the weather was awesome today... about 40 degrees (which is awesome for February in Chicago) and sunny... so I felt great.

On the diet front, I've broken through the 246 mark. This morning I weighed in at 243.0. And have been weighing in around the 242-245 marks. My new low weight barrier is 242.0. So... we're making progress.

Still shooting for 200.0 pounds by October 17. Can't wait to get done with this Achilles injury so I can hit the trail with reckless abandon.


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