Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adorable Kitten for Adoption!

Jackie and I rescued this little guy the other night.

A storm came through Caldwell about 5:30 pm, just as we were getting ready to head out for a run.  We prepped dinner and after the storm went through, we headed out for a run.  Jackie went one way... I went a different.  When she came home, she was talking about hearing a kitten crying loudly. 

So... we went... took some ham and found the little guy.  He (we're assuming) was cold... wet... hungry... thirsty... and very lonely.

He acts like he used to belong to someone.  He is very friendly... purrs very loudly.  Wants to play and be petted.  He is also litter trained.  We've put up some posters, hoping that if he used to belong to someone they will come forward.  At this point, nothing. 

So, we are working to find him a "forever home."  If you are local to Zanesville, Caldwell or Cambridge and would like to consider adopting him into your life and home, contact me either via phone (which you'll have to know because I'm not going to post it here) or Facebook

We're trying to find a home for this little guy.  Help us... if you are interested.  If you know of someone who is looking for an awesome little kitten, pass this along to them. 


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