Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Working the training... Air Force Full Marathon

I'm in my 5th week of training for my first full marathon... the Air Force Marathon on September 17th in Dayton, Ohio. 

So far... training is going well (knock on wood). Just after starting this cycle, I decided to switch plans.  Up until a few weeks ago, I used Runner's World's Smart Coach as my guide for my training.  For my Flying Pig training, I was training four days a week, which I really liked.  As I started this cycle, they pushed me back to three days a week.  I wanted more.  

So I began to ask around.  Almost unanimously most marathoners that I talked with recommended Hal Higdon's plans.  I browsed around and after a little tweaking, I landed on Intermediate I.  And I like it.  I'm running five days a week (not on Sundays or Wednesdays due to church obligations) and feeling pretty good.  

I'm in my 2nd slow down week currently... prepping for my first longer than 13 mile run... next weekend at 14 miles.  And I feel good.  I know that every day... except big church days... is a run day.  It's part of my thinking for the day.  Tomorrow morning, I'll run.  Friday morning, I'll run.  Yesterday morning, I ran.  It's part of my day... I don't have to think about it.

Lesson for runners: Listen to your body.  I've had a few aches and pains, which are normal.  I've had a few bad runs, again normal.  But overall, I feel ready to run every time I lace up my running shoes.  And I'm feeling like I'm building a solid base (at the height of training, I'll have two 43 mile weeks).  I think and hope that I will be ready for my race 86 days from now.  

I would invite you to participate... but as you'll see from their website, the marathon and half marathon are both sold out! 


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