Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wave At the Bus

I heard about THIS this morning on the radio...

The short story:
A creative dad (pictured in the wedding dress) realized that after the bus picked up his (then 15 year old) son, it made a loop and circled back past the house.  So he decided to wait and wave.  This, of course, embarrassed his son... which only encouraged his dad. 

Every day for the rest of the year, his dad found a creative costume to dress up in and wave... Seriously, some of these are really creative... pirates, wedding dresses, Michael Jackson, a giant chicken, Ariel the mermaid, a soccer goalie, batgirl, and even Terry Potter... just to name a few from the end of the stunt.

But for 170 days, his dad dressed up in order to have some fun with his son.  That's pretty cool. 

Sometimes it's difficult for parents to connect with their kids... especially their teenage kids.  This dad found a way and made a memory.  I will guarantee, his son will never forget. 

What creative ways are you using to connect with your teenager(s)?


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