Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Racing Jersey!!!

In 1994, when I took off my football jersey for the last time, I thought I'd never officially put on another official jersey.  But that is going to happen next week. 

Next Friday night will be my first official run under the "Active Water" banner as I run the Caldwell Fireman's Festival 5k (and shoot for a new PR).  I blogged a couple of weeks ago about joining "Team Active Water" for the upcoming Air Force Marathon on September 17th.  Last week, while at Summer in the Son, I picked up a tech shirt to run in in support of Team Active Water.

I'm excited!
I'm also gonna be looking for a pair of grey shorts to go with it. 
I'm also looking for donations.

If you would like to donate to aide those around the world without clean, drinkable water, go HERE or put the donation in my hand and I will make sure that it gets donated for you. 

Help me help others as I run for clean water!


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