Monday, July 04, 2011

Running for ( Active ) Water

Saturday's run was rough. 

Officially, it was the first time that I have run 14 miles before.  I've gone 13.1 before... but never to 14.  Saturday, I did it!  (Here is the GARMIN DATA and RUNKEEPER DATA for the run... if you want to see a bit more detail.)

But it was hot. 
It was humid.
And towards the end, I was really struggling. 

But I made it. 
And I made it in part because of water.  First, I needed regular hydration in order to make a run that far.  Usually when I run shorter distances, I don't take water along... I can usually make it without it for runs in the 5-9 mile range.  But for 14... I certainly needed the water. 

Secondly, I made it because the water provided motivation for me.  I have hydration belt pack... but I don't really like carrying the weight... so I have begun to hide water bottles (partially frozen) near where I start my runs.  When I get back to the start (after either 4 or 5 miles), I have a drink.  Towards the end of my 14 mile run... I just wanted to get a drink... so I was working or those water bottles. 

It got me thinking about something. 

So far, all my running has been about me.  It's been about what I've accomplished... the medals that I have earned... the weight that I have lost... and what I have succeeded at.  Kinda seems a bit shallow. 

So I'm going to deepen it.

In training for my first full marathon and after a week at Summer in the Son, I have decided to partner with Active Water to raise funds and awareness for the millions around the world who do not have access to clean water.  Many millions of people around the world, especially those who live in third world countries, do not have access to clean water on a regular basis.  (HERE are some facts about clean water... I'd encourage you to check them out.)  Active Water came and presented the work that they are doing in Zambia and around the world last week at Summer in the Son and how they partner with athletes to make a difference in lives.  I was challenged and convicted to join the team. 

Active Water is a group of athletes who are helping to take on the world's water crisis one run... one race... one donation at a time. 

I have officially joined Team Active Water. 

I have set a fundraising goal that I plan to achieve before the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio on September 17th.  I am aiming to raise $1,020 for Active Water.  That will be enough money to provide 12 families in Africa with bio-sand filters in their homes that will provide them with clean, drinkable water for 20 years. 

Would you be willing to join me???

I have created a fundraising page so that you can join me... encourage me as I train... and spur me on to raising $1,020 before the Air Force Marathon on September 17th.  All donations above $1,020 will go to provide more bio-sand filters... or even help dig a well!!! (Wouldn't that be amazing!!!)

So... If you are interested and willing to help me fundraise for Active Water, VISIT MY FUNDRAISING PAGE HERE to donate.  It will only take a couple of moments and will change the world of those who do not have access to clean water.

Over the next couple of months... I'll do all the work...
            Active Water will get all the money...
            Families around the world will get clean water!!!

Won't you join me?


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