Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CIY Picture of the Day: Tuesday

Continuing in my week-long series of some images from CIY Move last week, here is Alex digging into some morning encounter time. 

Every year, as we are beginning the week of conference, we ask the students some form of this question: "Why have you come this week to CIY?"  Answers usually vary... but almost always, this answer pops up more than any other: "I've drifted from my relationship with God and I need to get back." 

It's a natural occurrence.  School, sports, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, homework, part-time jobs, families and much more begin to crowd in on the time that students have to dedicate to God every day.

CIY makes space for rekindling that fire.  Every day our students had 20 minutes to dig into a morning devotion, some Scripture and an opportunity to reconnect with God one on one... just as Abraham, Moses, Elijah and Jesus had on a regular basis.


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