Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CIY Picture of the Day: Wednesday

I'm going to cheat a bit in today's CIY picture of the day... because the picture is actually from Thursday night.  But I'm going to throw it in on Wednesday because I already have Thursday's picture picked out. 

One of the great things about this week of conference was the worship.  Brandon Grissom, from Willow Creek, did an incredible job leading the students in worship all week.  Thursday night, when this picture was taken, was a night dealing with forgiveness.  Each of the students wore a white shirt with a red piece of paper tapes to the shirt reminding them of something that they needed to be forgiven for or something that someone needed to forgive them for.  During the service (at this very point), they were challenged to talk to someone about what was written on their paper.  Only after talking with someone about their issue of forgiveness could they remove their paper. 

But I love this picture because of the white shirts... in the dark room, you can see all the students! 

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