Monday, August 20, 2012

Well... that cat is out of the bag...

We have been working very hard for the past two months to keep that cat IN the bag (although a few folks figured it out).  But now... we're happy to have it OUT running around. 

If you missed the big social media news last night, Jackie and I are expecting our first child.  She is 16 weeks along... this is the 10 week ultrasound from the beginning of July. 

We've kept it on the down-low because we wanted to visit our doctor a couple of times and make sure everything was alright.  Then we wanted a chance to tell our families (which we did), some of best friends, our youth leaders at church (which also fall into the "best friends" category) and our students.  But now... the news is out!  After we told our students last night at the "Back to School Swim Party", I posted it to Twitter and Facebook! 

We are both very excited! We will know the sex of the baby after our next appointment (in about two weeks), when we will get another ultrasound.  We plan to share that news with everyone.  We are not, however, planning to share the baby's name with anyone until he or she arrives. 

Right now... we're focusing on landing a house and a space for a nursery for the little one! And I'm... I'm excited to be able to openly tweet and post all the funny things about my wife being pregnant (within reason, of course... you know me!).  She is having some of the weirdest cravings and choosing some of the weirdest meal choices.  Right now, she is totally addicted to anything vinegar based... pickles... ketchup (I caught her eating ketchup out of the little cup at McDonald's the other day)... Weird! 

More on this front to come!  This is going to be fun!



  1. Jim, Ditty's has great cucumbers, onions in vinegar. So does Bill's BBQ.