Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2012 Running Year in Review

Daily Mile is a tool that I use to track my mileage.  Today, I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised when they emailed me my 2012 Year in Review (pictured above).  Interesting little graphic.  I thought I'd share it with you.

But it reminded me... I haven't talked about 2012 in review... The Good... The Bad... The Next!

The Good:
Chicago Marathon/PR:
I had an incredible experience in October.  I had my first opportunity to run a major marathon: The Chicago Marathon.  Joined by 45,000 of my closest runner friends and a couple of actual friends, Ben and Randy, I trekked 26.2 miles around the city of Chicago.  It was an incredible experience.  The crowds... the people... the runners... amazing!  Even right now, as I'm typing, images from that weekend are still playing in my mind.  While I didn't set the incredible PR that I was hoping and had been training for, I did set a new personal record by nearly 7 minutes.

Mileage Increased:
I ran more miles this year than last year... That's pretty great!  While I didn't get as many as I was hoping for, increasing overall mileage for the year is a good thing.

Completing a Half Marathon with my wife and Donnie:
Also a highlight of this year, Jackie and I ran the Cap City Half Marathon the first weekend in May.  We joined up with our worship minister Donnie to complete this race.  It was fun to run with my wife, even if she did beat me.  I feel short of my Flying Pig 1/2 time due to some injury... but the experience of running it with a great friend and my wife was a highlight of my running year.

The Bad:
Starting on Thanksgiving of last year, Runner's World challenged it's readers to run everyday between Thanksgiving and New Years.  This was something new for me and sounded fun.  I completed the run streak and was enjoying it so much that I continued.  Until injury stopped me in early February.  For about three weeks, I didn't run much at all.  Early in March, I began to run a little, but was still nagged by some quadriceps tendonitis. Most of March went down the drain.  In late March/early April, I was finally able to get back to regular effort.  But by the time I was back to full strength, I had lost most of my training time for the Cap City. This was reflected pretty clearly on race day.

Short of Mileage Goal:
While I did log more miles in 2012 than I did in 2011 or 2010, I still fell way short of my goal of 1,500 miles for 2012... about 224 miles short.

The Next:
Two Marathons:
I am sure that this year will bring some ups and downs.  I know it will, I'm registered for the Blue Ridge Marathon... one of the hilliest road marathons in the country.  But I have decided that I am only training for marathons in 2013... two marathons to be exact.  While I have decided on one, the Blue Ridge, I am leaving my options open for a September or October marathon.  I'm positive that I will run a half marathon in 2013, I'm not putting it on as a trained-for race... it will fall under my regular running/training.  I'm positive that I will run a couple of 5ks and hopefully my first 10k.  But again, they are just part of the marathon training experience.

New 5k PR:
The past couple of years I have set personal records in the 5k.  I am aiming to do that again this year.  Hopefully at the Caldwell Fireman's Festival 5k again!

Run a 10k race:
After nearly 3 years of running, I have never raced the 10k distance.  That needs to change.  I am aiming to get a 10k under my belt this year.

Get my wife running again...:
We are set to have our first child in early February.  This will be awesome... and I already have my running stroller.  I'm excited.  But I am also excited to help my wife get back into running distance again.  She was hoping to run through her pregnancy... but it just didn't work out.  I want to help her get back up to speed and hopefully get another 1/2 marathon under her belt this fall... maybe the Chicago Half???

1,500 miles:
This goal is a repeat from last year.  I want to log 1,500 miles this year.  I didn't get to complete this goal due to injury in February and March... but I want to get it this year!

So there you go... the good... the bad... and the next...
What's on your running radar for 2013?


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