Friday, January 04, 2013

Beginning: The Story

We are beginning something at North Terrace that I am very excited about... We are set to begin reading next week (January 7th) and talking about on the weekends in worship (January 13th) a book called "The Story."

The Story is a resource designed to help people read the entire Bible.  They have taken the NIV Bible and smoothed it out by removing some of the difficult sections (i.e.: genealogies, lengthly law passages, etc) so that it reads like a story from front to back.  This book is NOT a Bible... but the passages that it includes are passages straight from the NIV version of the Bible.

What excites me about it two-fold:
First, its a chance for us to see the entire Bible's story.  As someone who reads through the Bible every year, I know how easy it is to get bogged down in Leviticus or Isaiah or a minor prophet.  Some folks stop when they meet resistance.  This will hopefully help us get through the entire Biblical story.

Second, our whole church is doing it together.  We will be preaching on the chapter from the Story in morning worship (you'll be able to download our weekly message podcasts HERE on our website if you can't make it to worship).  We'll be talking about in adult Sunday school classes at NTCOC.  Both our students (middle and high school) and children will be discussing it in their Sunday school classes.  So everyone will be able to talk about the same thing!

This is set to be really fun!

Since it starts next week... and runs for the next 31 weeks... I'm going to post weekly some thoughts about the Story chapter that we're reading.  I may comment on the whole chapter... or just a specific section of it.  But I thought it might give folks something to think about as they are reading during the week and it will be a reminder on Facebook and Twitter that you need to be reading the next chapter!

This is gonna be exciting!  I hope you'll join us for this journey!


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