Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Story: Chapter 5 - Idol Worship

Last week was a difficult week, schedule-wise.  I know that technically I missed chapter 4... but I'm moving on this week with chapter 5.  Sorry.  I read chapter 4... but didn't time to blog it.  Myles threw a wrench into my week... in a great way!

Last night, we threw a couple of Super Bowl parties for our students.  One for our high school kids... and one for our middle school kids.  Thankfully because Myles came a bit early, I had an opportunity to attend.

While I love football... I love the Super Bowl... I couldn't help but think of this video:

Then I sat down tonight to read chapter 5 of the Story.  See, when we read this chapter... we tend to think about folks like at the beginning of the video as idol worshippers... people with weirdly painted faces... bones sticking out of their noses... bowing down to little stone statues...

And when we see that, we think, "How ignorant is that?"

But the reality is... we do the same thing!

Oh, not with little stone statues, bones in our noses or weird headdresses.  But we do it none the less.  We sacrifice all that we have... all of our energy, enthusiasm, time and effort... for something that in the end, really doesn't matter.

Oh don't get me wrong... I have sports teams that I love to spend time with... Ohio State Buckeyes Football... Cubs' games... Da Bears...

But my point is... how quick are we to assume that we don't have idols in our hearts?  An idol is really just anything that gets the time and attention that God should receive.  Maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend... maybe a sport... maybe a club... maybe homework... All of those things are good things but all of those things can become idols.  But they are idol worship when they take the place of God.

So... while we read chapter 5 of the Story, be careful to not quickly point the finger at the Israelites who quickly slipped into idol worship, without checking our closet first!


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