Wednesday, February 28, 2007

iPhone... No reward update...

Several have commented on this, so I thought that I would make it an official post.

With the purchase of the PT for the Clark family, it was a $9000 expense that we weren't expecting. So in light of the family budget, we thought it would be best to drop the iPhone promise part of the diet.

I am however planning to continue with the diet. But at this point, it is an unsponsored diet. (If you would like to sponsor the new diet, as previously before the iPhone diet, please feel free to comment and we'll line something up...).

But the decision was primarily a family budget decision. With the purchase of a new car, it seemed a little extravagant to purchase a $600 cell phone/IPod that I really didn't need.


P.S. I am planning to save up what little allowance I get in hopes of purchasing the IPhone at some point soon...


  1. I'd like to help out with your reward - I'll attach an Apple sticker to my old Nokia 5120, and it will be just like the real thing. Wait a minute.... there's no touch screen (or even a color screen for that matter), but you can always pretend. You could turn this into one of those "one red paperclip" exchanges and see if you can swap your way into a new iPhone...

    So, does anyone have a better offer than a circa 1999 Nokia 5120?

  2. Man... that is an incredible offer!!!

    I can't believe I didn't think of it myself... Thanks!