Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What's the BIG Deal with Sex? Series

This Sunday night at High Voltage, we'll be starting our every other year series on the topic of Sex. This year's title is "What's the BIG Deal with Sex?" The series is 7 weeks long, including a week 7 Q & A time.

The topics for the series are:
Week 1: What's the Big Deal? Discerning Truth from Lies
Week 2: What's a Guy's deal?
Week 3: What's a Girl's deal?
Week 4: What does the Bible say about sex?
Week 5: How far is TOO far?
Week 6: What if I've messed up?
Week 7: What if I've got questions?

As we progress through the series, the outlines will be posted here in order to create conversation between parents and students about this series and vital topic. If you have questions about this series, feel free to post a comment or email me at


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