Saturday, October 18, 2008

Car Rally 2008

Today's Annual Car Rally turned out to be all middle schoolers. And from all the pictures and reports, everyone had a blast.

We had a perfect fall day... about 60 degrees... bright blue skies... cool temps.

I had to sit back and just laugh afterwards. The teams were pretty even, but even as they arrived at the church they were talking smack to each other... asking questions about the questions and bragging about what they had done or hadn't done.

It's always amazing how competitive church activities can become. But everyone in the end said that they did have some fun roaming around the area, figuring out clues, sitting on rocks and visiting Starbucks and Fermilab.

In the end, there was a clear winner. (They are the last team pictured.) That always makes it easier. If it would have been 1 team winning by 1 point, the whining would have never stopped.

It was a great event.

Thanks to Anne, Kathy and Blaize for driving and making the event work for the students who participated. And congratulations to Will, Ryan, Chris and Ulysses (yes... that is his name... and I think it's pretty sweet) on the big win!!


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