Thursday, October 30, 2008

Closing... "almost"...

We're almost done with the house closing.

We've done our part. Now, it's in the hands of the selling bank to finish up the paperwork on their end. We did have one potential problem. The bank agreed to paid for the furnace to be put into the house until we closed. The price of the furnace would be added into our mortgage payment. When we got to closing, we discovered that not only had the bank including the price into our mortgage, but they gave us a credit for the price of the furnace.

We aren't sure if they were supposed to... we're thinking not since it was $3500. So we're checking on that. If not, then we'll have to get another check for the closing tomorrow to cover that expense. But no problem. We just didn't want to take something that shouldn't have been our's...

So, hopefully tomorrow morning I'll have a quick post about being "Closed!"


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  1. Sweet! I know that will be a big relief.