Friday, October 17, 2008

House Hunters... Frustration!!!


Today was a frustrating day. We were filled with meetings... so filled that I had to cancel a previously scheduled meeting.

First, we met with our mortgage guy to finalize some numbers there. All was good there.
Second, we met and had lunch with our Realtor. She has been incredible through this whole process. She's super-on-top of her game. All good there.

Then we get over to the house to do the house inspection. Only to discover that we can't do too much on the inspection. First, because of the absence of a furnace, it's impossible to test it out. But it also has left lots of un-capped gas lines that will make it impossible to test the gas lines or light the hot-water tank, which also needs to be inspected. (I'm learning as I go...) There were also vents that were open due to the lack of furnace that would mess up things in the inspection.

So, the short of the long of it seems to be that maybe the 24th is unrealistic. We're hoping to get the furnace in on Tuesday... Thursday at the latest. That means the inspection takes place on either Wednesday or Friday. Bummer... not making the 24th as a closing date.

But then I get a call from our "super-on-top of it Realtor" and she says that the bank, who owns the property, had called her. Previously they had said that the close could not be between the 25th of the month and the end of the month. They seemed to be saying that there might be a possibility of closing in that time period afterall.

So, things are still moving in the right direction. We won't likely be closing on the 24th, but maybe the first of that next week. We'll see... and hope... for the best.


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